• The pectoral cross (Latin for “ of the chest ”) is a cross worn by popes, cardinals , and bishops on a chain or cord around the neck. The large cross rests on the chest near the heart. One of the first popes to wear a pectoral cross was Pope Leo III , in the year 811.

What kind of Cross does the Pope use?

  • The PopeCross. Pope Benedict with his Bent Cross. Various popes have used several designs of cross, including the standard Latin Cross and fabulous jewelled crossesPope Benedict XVI used this odd looking crucifix with a bent cross-beam, which seemed to be one of his favourites.

The Pope and the Bent cross – Core Satanism revealed

Pope Francis DENIED the DIVINITY of Jesus Christ?

Nov 10th, 2019

Pope said Jesus did not Resurrect

Pope blasphemy – says the life of Jesus ended in the failure of the cross.